Pharmarketing 101 is designed to help pharmacy owners and medication therapy management MTM pharmacist market and promote their business ventures.  Taken in small doses on a regular basis you will find tips and hints that will motivate you and help you plan for improving your pharmacy marketing and promotion.  I will try to keep you interested and motivated to find the solutions you need.  Be sure to let me know if I can help you in some other way!                                                                                                   —  Dave Walker, RPh

Pharmacist:   Background in pharmacy with over 20 years of pharmacy management experience in retail, hospital and long term care settings. Experience and expertise in pharmacy, pharmacy marketing, community pharmacy clinical outreach programs, medication therapy management MTM, health care sales and marketing, technical and computer skills including personal health records, leadership and team building, business and community networking.

Former pharmacy owner, long term care pharmacy consultant, hospital director of pharmacy, manager in retail chain pharmacies and district manager for a pharmacy staffing agency.

Speaker:   I’ve had the privilege of addressing numerous community and networking group meetings including the Portland Medical Representatives Association, and the School of Occupational Therapy at Pacific University. Recently I was asked to represent Cochlear Americas at the Association of Medical Professionals with Hearing Loss conference in Portland, Oregon.

Participant:  roundtable ‘think tank’ discussion sponsored by Dell Healthcare/Life Sciences at Health Information Management System Society conference HIMSS12, Las Vegas, Nevada – Feb. 2012.

Geek:   Health information technology HIT, personal health records PHR, website and web presence development, social media marketing SMM, search engine optimization SEO, email marketing and Twitter veteran.

Blogger:   Pharmacy 2.0 & 1/2  +++  Pharmarketing 101 

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