Hello Pharmacy World!

2 Dec

Pharmacists know how important it is for their patients to take medications regularly, as directed, to control or prevent further complications of a medical condition.  But pharmacists who are business owners often forget the need to “take their medication” regularly when it comes to business marketing and promotion.  I know this to be true because I’ve seen it in others and because I’ve been there myself.

The ‘condition‘ of your pharmacy business is often overlooked when you are wrapped up in the day-to-day pressures just to get the basics done.  You might feel you are working harder than ever before only to find you’re digging a bigger hole for yourself.  We tend to let our ‘condition‘ progress and deteriorate unchecked – often to the point of disaster.  Marketing and promotion are often ignored or cut back due cost or to the time it consumes.

But it’s essential for pharmacists who want to stay in business or build their business to continuously monitor and improve their business marketing and promotion.

Pharmacy marketing and promotion doesn’t have to be complicated.  But it has to be consistent.  Take a few minutes daily or at least weekly to think about and look at your business with ‘fresh eyes’ as a potential new customer would.  What physical surroundings would distract or deter a new customer from shopping at your pharmacy?

Ask yourself the hard questions.  What type of marketing message would entice or invite new customers?  What services can you provide better or different from the competition?  What do I need to learn or do to get more customers in the door?  Are you committed to answering these questions by creating a solution?


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